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Millennial Medical Record DB utilization service

It is a system that can anonymize and provide medical information collected from medical institutions in Japan to pharmaceutical companies, etc., and is a service that promotes cutting-edge research and development and new industry creation related to health and medical care through utilization.

[Reference] What is the anonymized medical information will be?

Our bBusinesses certified by the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Law can provide "anonymized analyzable dataset" and "statistics".

anonymized analyzable dataset

Information that meets the 5 requirements for anonymization stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Act by performing anonymization processing on raw data. This is close to real data.

■ Statistics

Information that has been strongly anonymized by statistical processing, meeting the 5 requirements for anonymization other than the 5th requirement (N = 1 or 2).

However, in the guidelines of the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act, statistics excludes correspondence with specific individuals, does not fall under "information about individuals", and is not subject to regulation.

2-2 Anonymous processed medical information (related to Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Act) Excerpt

In addition, "statistical information" is data obtained by extracting items related to common elements from information of a plurality of people and totaling them for the same classification, and quantitatively grasps the tendency or nature of a group. .. Therefore, statistical information does not fall under the "information about an individual" in the law as long as the correspondence with a specific individual is excluded, and is not subject to regulation, and certified anonymously processed medical information creation. The business operator can provide the created statistical information to a third party.

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