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[ Millennial Medical Record ]
High quality real world database 

Many medical institutions in Japan are participating in this database.

As of the end of Feb 2024

Number of registered patients *


million people

*​ Number of available patients data for secondary use


Participating medical institutions



The number of contracted facilities: 64 facilities

(including 55 facilities for submitting notifications)

National / Public Universities / Private Universities

Utilization example


For pharmaceutical companies/ medical device companies


For reserchers in academia 


Toward realization of medical services that are close to patient's life.

In Japan, we have achieved the world's highest level of average life expectancy due to the achievements of the universal health insurance system, excellent public health measures, advanced medical technology, etc., but the fact is that there is a large gap between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy is a social issue. This has become a national issue, leading to an increase in security-related expenses.
In Japan, which is welcoming a super-aging society ahead of the rest of the world, by realizing the world's most advanced medical services and services as a problem-solving advanced country, all people can enjoy their own lives and live their own way to the end. It will lead to the realization of a "lifetime active society" that can be achieved. For the formation of a healthy and long-lived society in Japan, we will cooperate with everyone who manages advanced medical care to collect information, use information safely and effectively, and build a database using the world's highest level technology that contributes to research and development. We will continue to pursue various researches.


"Millennial Medical Record" is a real world database certified by Japanese government with the aim of providing optimal medical care to patients.

Realization of medical care that is close to patient

We support medical care using the world's highest level technology.

Strengthening the ability to develop new treatments and new drugs

Toward the realization of a world where incurable diseases can be cured.

Contributes to ensuring medical safety

Contributes to ensuring the safety of medical practice and drug administration.

"Millennial Medical Record"
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