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For pharmaceutical / medical device companies

Service lineup for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes

Basic service

Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act


Anonymously processed medical information

Act on the Protection of Personal Information


Anonymously processed medical information


additional services

Survey support service

We support various investigations such as examining research themes and confirming feasibility.

Advanced analysis support service

In addition to medical information analysis, we support AI analysis (machine learning, natural language processing, etc.) that creates new value from large-scale medical information.

Academic support service

In order to build evidence, we support presentations at academic conferences and publication of papers based on research implementation plans and analysis plans.

Other services (future)

Post-manufacturing investigation support​Full support service, etc.


The Millennium Medical Record has the following four characteristics and is a medical database suitable for RWD utilization.

Safe and Secure DB

Services based on the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act

National certificated RWDB.

Data quality and quantity

We have patients data for rare diseases, oncology, etc. (Especially hospitals for tertiary care, etc.)

Expected to contract with 70 facilities by the end of 2024.

Data variation

Not only Claims data and DPC data, but also Electronic medical records data

Electronic medical records (including test values), Claims and DPC data in Japan.

Utilization support

Advanced analysis utilization support

Support by AI analysis (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc.)

[Reference] Concept of RWD utilization in each department

The Millennial Medical Record is expected to be used in various scenes such as the following.

Click here for consultations, insights, and other inquiries regarding data utilization.

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