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For patients

"Millennial Medical Record" is a medical information platform certified by Japanese government with aim of providing optimal medical care to each patient.

Realization of medical care that is close to the patient

We support medical care using the world's highest level technology.

Strengthening the ability to develop new treatments and new drugs

Toward the realization of a world where incurable diseases can be cured.

Contributes to ensuring medical safety

Contributes to ensuring the safety of medical practice and drug administration.

With your cooperation,
each and every citizen can live a long and
healthy life in the future.
what is the based law

The Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act is a law that collects medical information from medical institutions, etc., anonymizes it so that individuals cannot be identified and personal information cannot be recovered, and promotes its use in research and development in the medical field.

Based on this law, the government examines businesses according to strict criteria and certifies those that meet the criteria as businesses with appropriate capabilities*.

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how to collect

・Medical institutions will notify* patients of the collection of medical information based on the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act.
​・The method of notification* differs from medical institution to medical institution.
・If there is no refusal from the patient, the medical institution may provide medical information to the authorized service provider. You can stop providing medical information at any time at medical institutions.

Secure platform

In collecting medical information, we are promoting our business by ensuring a high level of security based on the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act.

How it is used in life sciences

The use of medical information is subject to review by experts. After risk assessment and approval, data can be processed.
When data is provided to users, it is processed anonymously so that individuals cannot be identified, and data is again reviewed by experts before being delivering.
Anonymized medical information will be used for development in life sciences, such as understanding of pathological conditions, development of new drugs, and examination of new treatment methods.

*What is anonymous processing?

Anonymously processed information refers to information that has been processed to make it impossible to identify a specific individual, making it impossible to restore the personal information.