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Greetings from the representative director

We will safely collect medical information from medical institutions nationwide, build a database (EHR) that collects medical information from multiple medical institutions, and disclose medical information to the public. Furthermore, by anonymously processing this medical information and utilizing it as medical big data for clinical research, etc., it will contribute to the future medical development.

While drawing such a dream, the first system development started in 1995, and since then, we have gradually increased the number of support areas.

At the "Next Generation Medical ICT Infrastructure Council" started in 2015, we launched a new large-scale data center and restarted it as a "thousand-year medical record". As of April 2019, more than 100 medical institutions nationwide have already participated and are beginning to function as EHRs.
In April 2018, we established an organization (General Incorporated Association (Life Data Initiative (LDI)) to promote the utilization of anonymously processed medical information in order to use anonymously processed medical data for research. Will contribute to the research and use of medical data (clinical research and development, etc.) based on the Next Generation Medical Law.

Corporate information

■ Corporate name
Life Data Initiative [Abbreviation: LDI]


■ Representative name
Representative Director  
Yoshihara Hiroyuki


■ Establishment
April 4, 2018


■ List of officers

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Articles of Incorporation

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■ Location
15 Shimogamo Morimotocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0805, inside Production Development Science Laboratory

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