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Medical real world database that 
involves in personal medical/health care
to store, refer, utilize and share.

"Millennium Medical Record"

​Social issues to be solved

We are aiming to be that
"Millennium Medical Record" helps solve social issues in medical field under the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Law.

Millennium medical record project

Safe and secure

We have built a safe and secure system with strict security management based on the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Law and also anonymously processing technology that reduces risks of identifying individuals.

​Anonymized medical information

We'll contribute to the creation of new value such as disease prediction, non-disease / preventive analysis, and risk factor identifications.

Advanced IT technology

We can support your study with necessary AI analysis (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing) using medical information converted into big data.

Large-scale electronic medical record database

We collect medical information from many medical institutions in Japan, mainly hospitals with specific functions that are responsible for advanced medical care. We have medical information from claims data, Diagnosis Procedure Combination(DPC) data, and electronic medical records including laboratory test results and clinical text data necessary for measuring effects of drugs and treatments and analyzing side effects.

Certified Producers of Anonymized Medical Data

Social trust through academia-centered management composed of experts with rich medical research achievements.

Enterprises Certified for Entrustment with Handling Medical and Related Information and Anonymized Medical Data

Advanced security technology required for social infrastructure construction and high digital technology from rich experience on system construction in other industries.

Assistance of research and development in the medical field

Millennium medical record

"Millennium medical record" is a name for research on the collection and utilization of nationally shared international standardized health and medical information, which was adopted as an AMED research project in 2015.

We're happy to assist for research and development that will lead to the development of medical care.

For consultation, any questions and quotation, please contact us below.

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